GPS Tracking Services

The ELD mandate has flooded the market with basic GPS tracking devices and services. When choosing a GPS tracking service, make sure you choose a vendor that has a proven track record and is reputable. You also want to be certain you’re working with a company that’s in business for the long haul. Choose a provider that is fully integrated and has the ability to scale as your business grows. Once you’ve made your decision, you can enjoy the benefits of a GPS fleet tracking service.

Covert Tracker services also make it easier to monitor drivers and improve safety. Dashboard cameras and GPS tracking systems can give you a clear picture of driver behavior, which will help you improve your drivers’ performance. The system can also provide scorecards and driver reports, which can help you identify drivers who need more training. Moreover, GPS tracking services can help you identify reckless drivers and address them before they cause an accident. The technology also helps you find stolen vehicles and other errant drivers.

The software used to use a GPS tracking service is relatively easy to use. Most cloud-based GPS tracking services come with intuitive dashboards and corresponding mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. Many GPS tracking services also offer customer support to help their users. Live chat support and phone support are common, and some companies even offer dedicated customer support. The best ones will also give you free demos, and the support teams are available to answer any questions you may have. Read more about GPS at

Whether you’re looking for an enterprise-level solution to manage your fleet, GPS tracking services can help you make the right decisions for your business. You can optimize fleet maintenance, reduce downtime, and maximize fleet performance. GPS fleet tracking software can also send you alerts about driver behavior, fuel consumption, and more. Most GPS tracking services also let you customize reports based on your business needs. With so many benefits, GPS fleet tracking services are a great investment for business owners and operators.

Some GPS tracking services include geofencing, which allows you to set a safe area for your fleet. This way, you can keep an eye on them in real time. You can also receive notifications when your fleet leaves assigned locations. The best GPS tracking services will tell you where the vehicle was when it left these locations. The geofencing feature helps you keep track of your fleet without having to worry about theft or a driver not entering his time log.

You can also use Covert Trackers to calculate jurisdictional taxes. It’s important to know how many miles a vehicle traveled within a given state. Manually calculating the IFTA fuel tax can take hours, but GPS trackers make it easy. GPS trackers can also track employees’ working hours, efficiency, and lunch breaks. They can even track customer locations and deliver valuable information to you. If you have employees that drive a lot, a GPS tracking system can help you know when they’re going to break for lunch.


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